Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 year in review

Well, the first thing I notice is that the blog has been pretty silent most of the year. A few pics here and there. This was kind of the quiet year I needed to recharge the batteries after last year, I guess. Things feel like they're starting to fall into place. Let's hope, eh?

Diana sweet 16.
Sheryl Bailey at Alor - and the awning mess!
P5 - few gigs here and there, but we really need to re-motivate ourselves.
Dream Band at Alor - hot, hotter, hottest!
Exit 12 at St. George, Richmondtown, Alor (unplugged), Cellar, and finally a good demo!
Summer concerts were good ones:
- Yes and Peter Frampton
- Rush
- Jack Wilkins at Alor
- Michael Schenker Group 30th Anniversary (with Lynch Mob, also awesome)

Still a guitar god.

Duo with Mike Bono in Asbury (after hearing his trio at Alor).
Richmondtown trio with Steve and Jerrold.
Vacation in Asbury (Thanks, D.).
Monks Monks keep their usual quarterly schedule - some really good gigs this time 'round.
The soundtrack that never will be ("looking for gigs - in the movies").
Marching band awesomeness.
No wheat or dairy (and no beer) and my hands are finally better!
Donna's St. Peters /Seton Chorale concert.
The big loft renovation (thanks AGAIN, D.).
The arrival of Studio D'M.
JP Morgan / Chase are awful. Just awful.

Between the renovation and clearing junk out of the house and the new computer/studio - feels like things are starting to gel. It seems pretty clear to me what I'm going to be doing for awhile, musically. The things I want to write and record - I have my first 4 projects lined up in my head. The first one is even all written.

The year in listening / reading:

Dominated in many ways by Wagner.
Getting rid of LP's and replacing them with CD's allowed me to revisit lots of old favorites.
Lots of 20th century music again - Prokofiev and Stravinsky got lots of play. Webern and Schoenberg, too.
Scofield "54" is a bit of an ideal.
Hindemith is a new discovery. Respighi, as well.
Schenker's live CD.
Holdsworth / Pasqua "Blues for Tony" - outstanding!
Vinnie Moore CD was still in heavy rotation, though I'm pretty sure it's from last year.
Reading - mostly books about Wagner, or comic books. (Same thing?).
Made it about 1/6 through my CD course on philosophy. Maybe by end of next year I'll be through half of it.

Feels like it was a good year of setting foundations. Looking back at last year-end post, I was filled with dread, and exhausted. This year, I'm excited to get to work. I have a lot I want to accomplish, and seemingly the means and energy to get it done. Even at work, I feel like it's time to get things moving again, after a year of holding steady. Not a bad year, but looking forward to an even better year. Hopefully 2011 will be the year of Exit 12, and we can see some real rewards for our efforts. And the idea of just writing and recording tons of music and putting it out to the world feels really good. Feels like all my various interests are converging in some significant way - jazz, classic rock, 20th century classical, opera, orchestral, electronic, philosophy, comic books, science fiction - quite a stew I have to work with, there. Let's see what comes of it!

Happy New Year, let's hope it's a good one!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lofty ambitions