Friday, December 28, 2018


Not a lot to recount, feels like it was a mostly quiet year.  Managed to get 2 records released – “All Systems Are Incomplete” and “Short Stories, Vol. 1” – both of which I’m pretty proud of.  Feel like I took some steps forward compositionally.

Spent more time listening to tone poems this year – Strauss, Liszt.  Added some Berlioz.  Lots of Delius.  Got into a Weather Report groove, along with some funky 70’s Herbie Hancock.  Of course Korngold was the biggest obsession.  His orchestral and chamber works along with movie scores and operas.  He’s really become probably top 3 for me along with Sibelius and Mahler.  Other movie scores – Honegger, Vaughan Williams, Walton, Rosza, Steiner.  Ending the year with some Puccini. 

Reading was a lot of Aeneas stuff.  And more Sherlock stuff.  The Cambridge music books and BBC Guides are constant companions.  The Asimov robot novels and closing the year out. 

Gigs were few, but year ended with some good things with the Foot Stomperz!  Been playing a bunch of piano to try to get to an "adequate struggle" level.  Since most of the year was tied up in composition, I feel like I want to spend the coming year playing more guitar.  This may be the year I finally “clear the decks” and do a marathon recording of all the jazz tunes I have hanging around. 

This was a year where there was a significant loss, 

but also a significant addition.

Holding this very new human, all you want to do is let him know "I'll do my best to keep you safe.  Always."  There's a tribal connection, some deeply sensed familial bond that you hope gets understood in a primal way.  Those connections are everything.  I couldn't imagine a better way to cap off the year.